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📣 Exciting update! 🌎 Solve – MIT has revealed the semifinalists for its 2023 Global Challenges!! AAvance Soluciones FinTech has been selected, and if chosen, our team will move forward to the finalist round next month! #SolveChallenges2023

Financial Inclusion Challenge

Challenge Question: How can we provide financially excluded individuals and small enterprises with the tools they need to withstand financial shocks and build wealth?

Solve – MIT sought out technology-based solutions that address how all individuals and small enterprises can access financial tools to withstand shocks and build wealth. AAvance Soluciones FinTech has been selected as a semifinalist! Learn more about Solve’s Global Challenges and our solution here: #SolveChallenges2023

Over 1.8 billion adults are still unbanked or poorly served by existing financial products and services. That’s why Solve – MIT sought out tech-based innovators working to increase financial and economic opportunities for everyone. AAvance Soluciones FinTech has been chosen as a semifinalist! Over $1M in prize funding is available to the most promising solutions (revealed in September). Follow along to see when finalists are announced! #SolveChallenges2023

In a commitment to increase financial and economic opportunities for all, Solve – MIT launched the 2023 Financial Inclusion Challenge. AAvance Soluciones FinTech has been selected as a semifinalist and could have a chance to share over $1M in available prize funding:
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